Que Sarah, Sarah

Thursday, October 05, 2006


MC Spizzle throws it down...

I drop rhymes--a myriad
My shit flows like a period
I give the bitches stomach cramps
Make your boyfriend's bedsheets damp
Rap all day--I won't quit
'Til y'all know I'm legit
Got fans like it's summer
Got 'em buzzin' like a hummer
Sayin' "Damn, that chick is tight"
"Could watch her spit her shit all night"
Could make you swallow all your pride
Like a honeymooning bride
Taking hits from hubby's pipe
Like you takin' in my hype
Got you high on songs that's dope
Joints rolled tighter than a rope
Your head bobbin' to my rhyme
Like Alzheimers in your prime
Droppin' verses like a deuce
Shit flies from me like it's loose
Make you run like DMC
Got more hits than Big's "Juicy"
You'll say "Yeah!" like Lil' Jon
'Cause I'm built like an amazon
Wonder Woman on the mike
I can make your pulses spike
Make your heart stop with my bombs
They ain't sagging like your mom's
My milkshakes are so large
Ain't no more boys in Kelis's yard
Bust out your sorry rap
And I'll burn you like the clap
If you try to step to this
You'll be sore like syphilis
Use my wit just like a weapon
So you better get to steppin'

© 2006 Sarah Spain


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