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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


elaborate signings

"women are the sweetness of life."
poets can build galaxies from pebbles
& breathe the word of life into brief glances,
but one must be careful with the power of creation
so i scribble an obligatory, struggling to keep from
staining the page with the exaggeration of new passion,
unsure if i am simply the writer who lives downstairs,
plays his coltrane too loud & likes thunderstorms
i take a trip one flight up
where your eyes escort me to another country,
your touch becomes a wet kiss on the horizon
of a birthday in a warm july
i travel to your smile to hear stories of
wrecked trains parked in your dining room
but the past is a vulgar thief
it steals the laughter from your eyes,
tosses the broken edges of yesterday's heartache
into this remembrance
i dream of erasing painful memories with lingering
caresses from a steady hand
i rearrange the jagged stars of your past
i am the young boy smiling at you with love letter eyes
i carve your name into the soul of graying trees
i am your first slow dance, a trembling hand teetering on your waist
i replace the melancholy prayers on your lips with urgent kisses
i swear an oath to your beauty, become holy in your embrace
traveling tall miles through years of distance,
i arrive, wet from your tears,
my only tool—a poet’s skill
i mend your smile,
emancipate your eyes,
& together
we ride that wrecked train from your dining room
to the horizon of your birthday in another country.

-Kenneth Carroll


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A summary is in order after just completing the works of SS in approximately reverse chronological order. Her writings and videos comprise an eclectic but interesting body of work.

Her commentary is often erudite and her choice of Poems and writings are first rate. The question of what prompted her to come up with this particular and peculiar mix of topics is sure to be a subject of debate among scholars and theologians for many years to come.

Her blog covers a variety of topics with men and their many inadequacies being a primary target. The LA dating seen is covered much to our chagrin and assorted other adventures are provided for our edification and amusement. Call it a smattering of stream of consciousness, a bit of romanticism along with a strong desire to perform an occasional mercy castration. Outside of her blog, she further rewards us with outstanding interviews such as her interview with Bud Selig, though there is just something unsettling about having Bud Selig and outstanding in the same sentence.

Her videos are very entertaining. She is almost always gracious when interviewing but if you are lucky you can catch her in Spanish Inquisition mode where male victims are summarily interrogated, abused and notified not to let their eyes wander anywhere south of her neck. Victims who survive the interview without having their junk rearranged by her knee are considered the winners.

Video Favorites: Weeping for our future with Shelby and Joe (quick to check out the situation), scamming Bobby Hull out of his Championship rings and who knows what else (hopefully she left the man with his socks and shoes) and the Halloween FanSpeak, a true classic: The look on SS’s face when the accused tells her that he’s a Cardinal fan and he wants Albert Pujols to join the Cubs. If the resolution wasn’t for crap (even with high quality) a screen capture of this would make an excellent screen saver and thoughtful gift for the holidays (found towards the end of the video).

But the video prize goes to: Bear’s tailgate video at Soldier Field. Here we are treated to SS’s finely honed scamming skills as she mooches her way across the parking lot with the efficiency of a seasoned off duty cocktail waitress bumming drinks off guys in bowling alleys from Downers Grove to Franklin Park. There are too many funny scenes to list them all here. The oven mitt and apron disguise come with the added bonus that since they weren’t actually used for anything, they can be returned to Crate & Barrel after filming the segment for a full refund keeping production costs to a minimum.

Honorable mention video awarded to: Why go to Wrigley? For telling a little girl her hat is the reason why the Cubs continue to lose. Hard to argue when presented with compelling video evidence.

Video to avoid awarded to panel discussion where members of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants broadcasters from decades past are joined by SS to discuss the inequity and tribulations that female journalists have suffered as they fought to interview male athletes in the locker room (female athletes avoid the whole mess, proof of which is the smarter sex). Most of the time is spent justifying why anyone (male or female) needs to interview athletes in the locker room in the first place, the justification of which is specious at best. It’s a sporting event not brain surgery on a family member. Suspect that SS was included to help avoid getting an MPAA Rating of R65+.

If there is any solace in all this for the general public, it is that SS is back in Chicago where she belongs both professionally and personally (he has an uphill battle, both figuratively and literally and should remain in our prayers). With any luck she will continue to entertain, educate and amuse us, ironically at our expense.

When Chicago lost Mike Royko it left a void. A witty, charming, sarcastic smart ass with a big heart like SS would be a terrible thing to waste.

1:08 PM  
Blogger SarahS said...

Wow, that's quite the comment. Thanks for the kind words--can't imagine how you might have the free time to watch/read all of my stuff, but it's much appreciated!

9:52 PM  

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