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Thursday, July 05, 2007

A follow-up to Hitchens' BS

Interesting--albeit slightly meandering--blog regarding the Vanity Fair article I posted about previously.


The best commentary on Hitchens’ poorly-argued article on the inherent un-funniness of the fairer sex, from a female comedian:

"It occurs to me that men like him seem to write articles like this just so
that women like me can issue stern and unfunny responses, thusly proving his
thesis. I'm not particularly good at acknowledging my own attributes, but
I'll be damned if I let someone tell me I'm not funny. I know how to tell a
joke, and tell it well; I can deliver one-liners off the top of my head with
flawless timing, never regretting five minutes later having missed the
perfect rejoinder; I even do brilliant pratfalls. I know I'm funny-but I'm
simply not amused by being told by a pugnacious pigass I can't possibly be
simply because I have a cunt.

A cunt which, by the way, is herself a piquant raconteur. You wouldn't
believe the jocose tales that fall from her mischievous lips. Oh, the
stories she could tell you, Hitchens-but she won't. She only regales
sophisticates of egalitarian character with her uproarious yarns."


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