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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Griese Like Sunday Morning


Griese Like Sunday Morning

A lot of people have been asking me how I feel about Lovie benching Rex "The Sex Cannon" Grossman and giving Brian "Vivaaaaa Viagra" Griese the start. I haven't seen Griese in action much beyond meaningless pre-season time against 2nd string Ds, so my thoughts will be mostly conjecture, not any sort of informed opinion. With that said, here goes...

I'm hesitantly optimistic.

The first 3 games of the season have made it hard to predict the success (or lack therof) of this year's team. Our defense and special teams have looked good, but as the injuries to key players pile up, we won't be able to depend on the D as much to win games as we have in the past. Regardless, we should still have a shot to win every game if we can get strong play from the back-up defenders who've been forced into starting jobs. Without a vast improvement to our offense, the best we can hope for would be a decent record that's more a reflection of our weak conference than it is our talent. If our offense improves, though, we could find ourselves battling the Pack and the 'Boys for the conference title.

While it isn't fair to blame ALL of our problems on Grossman's poor play, it is fair to say that he wasn't doing his job. Benching Rex is a start, but Griese isn't going to single-handedly revive our offense. Benson needs to show up more consistently and with more heart and assertiveness. He wanted the full weight of the running game on his shoulders, now he has to prove he can handle it. Berrian has been okay, but Moose has all but disappeared. I can't tell whether he's still injured and acting more as a decoy out there than a legit target, or if he's suddenly and inexplicably dropped off as a quality receiver. Olsen and Hester got a lot of hype in the pre-season for spreading the field and keeping defenders guessing but neither has been much of a factor. As a group, our offense just looks like a tired, uninspired, washed-out bunch of guys looking for a good, hard, inspiring slap on the ass. Let's hope Griese's still got enough of an arm on him to give it to 'em.

I've always been more interested in supporting the teams I love than tearing them down, so I'm gonna get behind the newly minted Griese bandwagon as heartily as I tried to tow the sputtering Grossman lemon. Bear down.


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