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Monday, March 24, 2008

Flashback to Super Bowl XLI...more of the BEST!


Flashback to Super Bowl XLI...

Less than 5 minutes after the Bears defeated the Saints in last year's NFC Championship, I had already booked my flight to Miami for the Super Bowl. I had nowhere to stay and no ticket, but my friends and I had all vowed to find a way to get to the big game. Unfortunately, in the ensuing week, all my friends bailed. Some cited monetary reasons, others claimed they couldn't miss work, and a few more wanted to stay in (or go back home to) Chicago for the game instead. Tickets were going for at least $4,000 apiece and every hotel I checked was booked up. So there I was, a week and a half from showtime and, if I didn't act fast, I'd be alone in Miami, watching the game at a bar with strangers.

So, I got creative. At 11pm two Thursdays before the game, I placed an ad on Ebay "selling" myself as a date to the Super Bowl. I posted a picture of myself in a Bears cheerleading costume I'd made for Halloween the year before and warned any potential bidders that I was NOT an escort and I DIDN'T want money, I was simply trying to find a way to get to the game. Having worked in PR for several years, I figured I might get the attention of a radio station holding a contest or maybe charm someone into offering up a seat in their company box.

The next morning, I woke up to over 800 emails. To make a long story short: it worked. The story got picked up by newspapers, blogs, radio stations and TV shows. Less than 48 hours after my initial Ebay posting, I got a call from the PR people for Axe male grooming products. They wanted to give me 4 tickets to the game--three for me and two girlfriends and one for a lucky contest winner. I had less than a week to hold an online contest and pick one guy from across the nation to come to the game and party with us in Miami.

Needless to say, the reactions to my scheme and the responses to my contest were extreme. Some praised my ingenuity and PR-savvy, others labeled me an attention-seeking whore. In honor of the fast-approaching 2008 Super Bowl, I thought I'd share pieces of some* of the BEST emails I received from potential Super Bowl suitors--

*To protect those who may not want to be seen, I included only written submissions, but some people sent in great videos and pictures!!

Hi Sarah,

Rather than bore you with a longwinded diatribe, I thought I would tell you about my life as a loyal Bears fan through verse.

I grew up in "The Region"
And like clockwork every fall
I would watch Sweetness
The greatest Bear of them all

I joined the Army
After receiving my high school scroll
Had to watch Super Bowl XX
On a Monday morning in Seoul

Came back to the world
And I moved to Indy
Right in the middle
Of Colts country

Despite my locale
I stayed tried and true
Hey, these veins bleeding nothing
But Orange and Blue

Every Sunday I'd search
For quite a while
To find a bar that showed the Bears
And served Old Style

For Monday Night games
I'd go out with a friend
and watch the Bears lose
It was a terrible trend

Sweet Home Chicago
I now call my home
Where I see my Bears play
Thankfully, not in a dome

I've traveled near and far
To watch the Bears play
Been heckled in Jacksonville
Gave 'em hell in Tampa Bay

Whenever I can
I go see the Bears fight
That rainy game against the Giants
Was a helluva night

The Bears in the Super Bowl
Is a dream come true
I think we would have fun
If I was to spend it with you


It's 1190 miles to Miami, I've got a full tank of gas,
half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and I'm wearing
sunglasses. The Bears are in the Super Bowl and I--m on
a mission from God. You see I was already planning on
going to the Super Bowl but I ran out of gas. I, I had
a flat tire. I didn't have enough money for cab fare.
My tux didn't come back from the cleaners. An old
friend came in from out of town. Someone stole my car.
There was an earthquake. A terrible flood. Locusts. It
wasn't my fault, I swear to God. You're my last


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