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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Super Bowl/Axe Campaign Wins Honorable Mention



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Promotional Event of the Year 2008
March 06, 2008

Manning Selvage & Lee and Procter & Gamble: Charmin Restrooms

Native New Yorkers and visitors to the Big Apple alike find out very quickly that when nature calls, finding a restroom can be a daunting task. Try asking a restaurant or coffee shop if you can use the loo. If you're not outright refused, you'll be expected to purchase half the merchandise.

Couple that nightmare with the time-sensitive nature of Christmas shopping (where 10 minutes could mean the difference between getting Johnny his favorite toy and breaking his heart) and you've got a potent mix of nature vs. nurture.

Usher in Charmin Restrooms, who developed its Times Square promotion out of its established presence at events, festivals, and street fairs, and brought convenience and relief to the millions of shoppers who pass through the square during holiday shopping season.

Procter & Gamble, Charmin's parent company, teamed up with Manning Selvage & Lee to launch a campaign that would fit with the brand and rise above the din of consumer initiatives that emerge during the holidays. Unlike porta-lavs often seen on construction sites, Charmin's portable restrooms went luxury and multi-use, with attendants servicing after every use, two baby changing stations, stroller parking, a dance floor, and seating areas.

The objective for MS&L was to generate 200 million media impressions, drive at least 250,000 consumers to use the restrooms, and increase sales, awareness, trial, and consumption for Charmin products.

To this end, the agency launched a three-phase campaign, beginning with seeding the press for early buzz before the restrooms opened, then by generating interest with the use of a celebrity spokesperson at the launch, and closing out by sustaining interest with broad media pitches and a viral video campaign through YouTube.

All of the judges were in awe of this promotion. "Excellent," "creative," and "brilliant," were some of the descriptors bandied about during the conversation. "They really captured the true brand essence," noted one judge. "They took a commodity product and made it come alive." "It got press everywhere, not just [in New York City]," said another.

Press coverage was one of the principal objectives of the restroom campaign, and the results exceeded early projections. The Charmin restrooms generated a total of 465 million media impressions, a 232% increase above the goal it had originally set for the campaign. On launch day, more than 125 million impressions were recorded in 24 hours alone, including mentions on CNN, CNBC, FOX News, Today, and Good Morning America.

Visitors to the restrooms totaled more than 428,000 from all 50 states and 100 countries, a number that nearly doubled the original aim. Sales projections for Charmin products also increased, as the company reported record shipments significantly higher than forecasted.

Honorable Mention
Edelman and Unilever and AXE: "Stealing the Super Bowl Spotlight for 1/86th the Cost of a 30-Second Commercial"

Edelman paid so much attention to online chatter that it was able to leverage one girl's plight into a fast-turnaround media frenzy in the week leading up to the 2007 Super Bowl for its client, Unilever's brand AXE. Edelman found Sarah Spain (l), an attractive Chicago Bears fan who was so desirous of Super Bowl tickets she auctioned herself off on eBay as a date for anyone going to the game. Edelman picked up on the massive offers submitted to eBay and decided to turn the tables on the story while generating brand awareness for AXE, the designer grooming products targeted to young males. AXE procured four tickets for Spain and launched an online contest where young men would vie to become her date. Five days before kickoff, Edelman had to execute a three-part program: announce and promote the contest to mostly online outlets, announce the contest winner, and launch an on-site media tour with Spain and her lucky date. Despite the fast turnaround, and the usual blitz of Super Bowl coverage, the team earned placements in 79 online media outlets, 1,500 e-mail "applications" for the date, and a huge boon in visits to AXE's Super Bowl MySpace page. The contest also reached mainstream media audiences in TV, print, and radio, including Inside Edition and the LA Times. "It was simple, but simplicity sometimes works," said one judge. "It really nailed the brand."

Finalists 2008
Carmichael Lynch Spong and PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc On Your Bark, Get Set, PETCO!
Conover Tuttle Pace and E.B Horn Jewelers The Great Diamond Hunt
Edelman and Unilever AXE - "Stealing the Super Bowl Spotlight for 1/86th the Cost of a 30-Second Commercial
Manning Selvage & Lee and Procter & Gamble Charmin Restrooms
Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide and LG Electronics MobileComm USA, Inc. GNR8N TXT: LG National Texting Championship

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