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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday, June 05, 2008 - Let’s Do This Thing

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Let’s Do This Thing

The NBA Playoffs start tonight...check out the Sports Bank Staff's Finals predictions...


NBA Finals Predictions

By the TSB Staff
Paul M. Banks: Boston in 6
Remember when we were forecasting the MLB playoffs at the start of Ocotber and I said "Boston over Colorado in 4" yes, yes, thank you. I'm going to the Beantown well once again. I've written so many things pandering to the sports teams of "America's Athens" this past year…that I've run out of Dropkick Murphys, Boston and Aerosmith references. So I'll go Mighty Mighty Bosstones here: "the impression that I get" is that this series comes down to point guard play once all the other factors have been equalized. And Rajon Rondo will vastly outperform the Derek Fisher-Jordan Farmar platoon.

Dave K. Lakers in 5
Who is going to guard Kobe? Ray Allen? HA! The Mamba would drop 60 a night if the Celtics have Allen guard him. Most likely, Paul Pierce will draw the defensive duties of trying to slow down the league MVP, which means Allen will have to guard a guy six inches taller than him in Vlad Rad. Plus, the Lake Show's bench is much deeper and more consistent than Boston's, who still haven't found the right mix of young guys and veterans to come in during the playoffs.

Soxman: The Boston Celtics in 7
East vs. West, Sega vs. Nintendo, and winners of 30 NBA titles between them, the Lakers and Celtics will meet in the finals for the 11th time, bringing back the most popular rivalry of all-time in the history of the NBA. While I will forever love the Zen master Phil Jackson, it is time for the Green and White to once again wear gold, and not Laker Gold either. The Lakers have an excellent team and while I don't like him, Kobe Bryant is the best player in the NBA.

So why the Celtics? One word: CLASS. In the post-Jordan era, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce have been stewards to the game. With no hoopla, rap videos, or "Inside Edition" controversy, they have been masters of their trade earning the right to be called champion.

Sarah Spain: Celtics in 7.
Yeah, I know everyone's picking the Lakers. I know LA has played better in the post-season. I know Phil Jackson is a Hall of Fame coach and Kobe Bryant is a Hall of Fame player. I don't care. I'm picking the Celtics–and not just 'cause I've seriously considered having franchise babies with Kevin Garnett (just imagine that kid's wingspan!) Defense wins championships. Just ask Jerry West. Back in 1969, West was the first (and only) player ever to win the NBA Finals MVP award despite playing for the losing team. West averaged 37.9 points a game in those Finals, but Boston (yes, Boston) still beat the Lakers to win it all. Combine hardnosed defense with unparalleled heart and desire and this is the Celtics series to lose. Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are desperate to win their first TEAM championship, Kobe's just hoping to improve his INDIVIDUAL legacy with another ring. Take a look at these two teams just before the start of the 2008 season: the Celtics Big Three held a press conference as a united trio, determined to win it all; Kobe held press conferences in supermarket parking lots calling out his team and its owners. The Lakers don't deserve to win, and they won't.

Andy Weise: Lakers in Six….. or dare I say, five? OK, six.
I'll admit I was on the Celtics bandwagon most of the year hoping Kevin Garnett and company would get to the NBA Finals. After the first two rounds though, I thought for sure the Pistons would pull it off. Luckily the Celtics finally learned how to win on the road. I can't go against the Western Conference Champion Lakers though. Lamar Odom has blossomed into the player we all thought he could be: A great third option. Pau Gasol has taken tons of pressure off of Odom and enabled him to play off Kobe and Gasol when he needs to. And yes, Kobe is still the best player on the planet. Doc Rivers shouldn't even be in the same sentence as Phil Jackson What is this, ring No. 10?

Seymour Pennants: Kobe is a Jackass
OK, everyone saw Kobe's YouTube video, showing him jumping over an Aston Martin. The video that spawned 100 imitators (and at least 90 hospital visits).

Well Kobe did it again, this time with the stars of Jackass, Wee-Man, Chris Pontius, and Dave England. This time, "Black Mamba" leaps over a pool of "deadly" black snakes to dunk (guess what kind of snakes they are supposed to be?). Kobe Wan Kenobi got twice as much air as His Airness, with the help of suspended cables like a kid in a Peter Pan high school play.


Kobe's stunts were lame, but the Jackass guys are funny. If they wanted to make a funny ad, they should have featured Wee-Man wearing Nike HyperDunks, and have him sky over Kobe, just to slam it home in the Kobster's face. Flying midgets are much funnier than billion dollar basketball stars playing Mary Poppins.

I'm hoping Boston takes the Lakers, just in retribution for these stupid ads. When you say "Kids, don't try this at home", you can guarantee you'll get 100 YouTube videos done by kids trying to jump over cars. And almost as many hospital visits.

Check out these 2 outtakes from the original Kobe Aston Martin jump. If only they were real…



Hell, with the right editing software, both my walker and I could jump over an Aston Martin. I'm Seymour Pennants, and I'll dunk on young Banks any day. Maybe I'll be in a good mood and donate my sweaty tube socks to Soxman for his latest headgear fashion statement. Bring it!

Seymour Pennants


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