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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 - KG wins, Kobe chokes, MJ reigns supreme...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

KG wins, Kobe chokes, MJ reigns supreme...

I said I'd never do it...but I did.

I've always avoiding tackling the Kobe v. MJ issue because I never thought I could give it the time and effort it required. If I were even to attempt to write comprehensively on the topic, I'd be researching and rewriting for weeks. My love for MJ is as strong as my disdain for those who seem so quickly to forget the past. Knowing I may never write the magnum opus I dream of, but inspired by the recent resurgence of the Kobe v. Jordan discussion (not to mention Kobe's pathetic finals performance), I decided to do a brief bit on the topic--a memo, if you will. Very little writing was required...the numbers speak for themselves.

Just a couple thoughts on the Celtics Championship and Kobe Bryant ...

1) Congratulations to my boyfriend, KG. You deserved to win it all and you're smokin' hot--even when giving nonsensical, incomprehensible, slightly ghetto post-game speeches.

2) Thank you, Kobe, for your piss poor play throughout the series and for further proving my lifelong argument that you are not and will never be better than Michael Jordan...

So Kobe, here are a few things to stick in your pipe and smoke while you're suffering through a long, embarrassing off-season....

...MJ never would have allowed his team to suffer the greatest single game collapse in NBA Finals history. (game 4)

...MJ never would have allowed his team lose by 39 points--a new record for the greatest margin of victory in a Championship-clinching game. (game 6) (FYI-The most one-sided game in Finals history still remans the 42-point victory by the MJ-led Chicago Bulls over the Utah Jazz (96-54) in 1998.)

...MJ never would have called out his teammates and demanded a trade via a parking lot home video.

...MJ's LOWEST NBA Finals PPG Average--27.3 PPG (1996 Finals) is still better than Kobe Bryant's HIGHEST PPG NBA Finals Average--26.8 PPG (2002 Finals)

...MVPs - Jordan = 5; Kobe = 1
...Finals MVPs - Jordan = 6; Kobe = 0
...Scoring Titles - Jordan = 10; Kobe = 2
...Career Playoff PPG average - MJ = 33.4; Kobe = 24.3

Want some more?
Career Scoring Average * Michael Jordan - 30.12 Kobe Bryant - 24.96
Highest Scoring (season) * Michael Jordan - 37.1 Kobe Bryant - 35.4
Career Assists Per Game * Michael Jordan - 5.3 Kobe Bryant - 4.6
Highest Assists (season) * Michael Jordan - 8.0 Kobe Bryant - 6.0
Career Rebounds Per Game * Michael Jordan - 6.22 Kobe Bryant - 5.30
Highest Rebounding (season) * Michael Jordan - 8.05 Kobe Bryant - 6.88
Career Offensive Reb. Per Game * Michael Jordan - 1.56 Kobe Bryant - 1.21
Highest Offensive Reb. (season) * Michael Jordan - 2.04 Kobe Bryant - 1.64
Career Steals Per Game * Michael Jordan - 2.35 Kobe Bryant - 1.53
Highest Steals (season) * Michael Jordan - 3.2 Kobe Bryant - 2.2
Career Blocks Per Game * Michael Jordan - 0.83 Kobe Bryant - 0.58
Highest Blocks (season) * Michael Jordan - 1.6 Kobe Bryant - 1.0
Career Turnovers Per Game * Michael Jordan - 2.73 Kobe Bryant - 2.94
Career Turnovers Per 40 Minutes * Michael Jordan - 2.85 Kobe Bryant - 3.22
Lowest Turnovers Per 40 (season) * Michael Jordan - 2.1 Kobe Bryant - 2.8
Highest Turnovers Per Game (season) * Michael Jordan - 3.5 Kobe Bryant - 4.1
Career Assist-to-Turnover Ratio * Michael Jordan - 1.93 Kobe Bryant - 1.57
Highest Assist-to-Turnover (season) * Michael Jordan - 2.57 Kobe Bryant - 1.96
Career Field Goal Percentage * Michael Jordan - .497 Kobe Bryant - .453
Highest Field Goal Pct. (season) * Michael Jordan - .539 Kobe Bryant - .469

I could, literally, go on FOREVER. I could talk about how Kobe has never won a championship without a dominant big man to draw double teams away from him. I could point out that MJ would NEVER be on a championship-winning team and NOT be the MVP or even the first option (see: Shaq). I could also make note of the fact that MJ is better looking, more beloved and less of a rapist than Kobe.

BUT...I've got old MJ highlights to watch. If you want some more, start here...


KOBE BRYANT'S GREAT BUT HE'S NO JORDAN: http://www.statesman.com/news/content/sports/stories/other/06/17/0617golden.html?cxtype=rss&cxsvc=7&cxcat=54



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Outstanding write-up. It really echoes what I've been thinking for a long time.

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